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Brunch Box

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The perfect meal starter for brunch

Fonio for breakfast? Yes, please. This grain might be new to your vocabulary, but its versatility makes it a winner. Add banana, rum, and coconut to the menu and you've got a getaway by the forkful. Passport not necessary. Also, each box comes with a recipe guide to get you started on your discovery.


In the box

Avec Drinks Ginger Flavored Premium Carbonated Mixer
Nemi Holisticks Churro Style Date and Cinnamon Flavored Cactus and Amaranth Snack Sticks
Yolélé Plain Fonio Similar to Cous-Cous. Great For Hot Cereal, Pilaf, Breadcrumbs, and GF Baking
Little Black Box Baked Goods Banana Rum Lime Jam Great Over Pancakes, Stuffed In French Toast or Drizzled Over Ice Cream
Oh!Mazing Caribbean Delight Vegan Coconut, Vanilla, and Cinnamon Granola 
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Dairy Free * Gluten Free